Review of Sanrio Hello Kitty Town and Thomas Town

One of the best places to go if you are visiting Puteri Habour with your family for a short vacation is definitely Sanrio Hello Kitty Town and Thomas Town!  At first, I thought the two boys, Rayes and Kaiser, wouldn’t want to go to Hello Kitty Town as they associate Hello Kitty as a girl’s thing.  However, I was pleasantly surprised that they enjoyed the activities there as well.

Look at what greeted us the moment we walked into the theme park’s entrance…. the different train characters! 

The boys knew the names of each train character… for me, I only know Thomas…hahaha!

They were already having so much fun climbing onto the trains, even before we enter the theme park.

Hello Kitty is a character I know since young.  My cousin had a Hello Kitty soft toy back then and it was just so cute!  Cant wait to explore Hello Kitty Town!

Hello Kitty, it had been a long time since we last ‘met’!

The Candy Parade Show, which was a newly added show, would be happening at 2pm and we were definitely in time to catch this.  Can’t wait to see the live size Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel!

We queued in line to get into the theme park.  The building comprises of three levels with Hello Kitty Town at level one, Bob the Builder Barney, Pingu and Angelina Ballerina at level two and Thomas Town at level three.

On our way to level two to catch Barney Show at 1pm, there were a lot of photo opportunities with the standees so that we could have wonderful keepsakes of memories when we looked back.

Level two comprises of all the other characters which kids love too.  My boys like Barney hence we chose to catch the 1pm show where Barney would be appearing.

I took a look around level two before the show started.

Kids can have fun at Barney’s Playhouse where they run around the obstacles to find their ways to different parts of the structures.

Kids can also learn a dance routine with Angelina and her friends in Angelina’s Dance Studio.

Bob the Builder Play Structure is great for kids who love to climb around and love slides.

If not, do visit Pingu’s igloo and play themed interactive games with your family and friends.

All the kids got very excited when they saw Barney appeared on stage, dancing and singing!

See how the kids got up on their feet to sing and dance to the tunes.  Everyone loved the interaction and the kids learnt about animals too.

After the Barney show, we went straight to Thomas Town at level 3 so that Kaiser and Rayes could see their favourite train characters and go on the theme rides.

Thomas Town is a family-centric indoor themed attraction, offering fun- filled rides and engaging activities that allow kids to get up close and personal with Thomas and all his friends.

This is a world of interactive fun and imagination, where Thomas and all his friends come to life in the forms of multiple rides!

First up, we rode on the small, friendly red bus, Bertie, for a family fun time!  There was no height limitation for this ride hence Rayes was able to go on it and enjoy some nice view from the top.

After the bus ride, we tried our hands on driving the Bumping Buffers Steamies & Diesels bumper cars, which are themed after Thomas, Percy, Mavis as well as the Troublesome Trucks characters. Take note of each of their different facial expressions!  As Rayes was not tall enough to ride on the bumper car, only Kaiser and I got to enjoy this.  Boy, it was so much fun bumping into people’s cars… hahaha!  In real life, we can’t knock into other people’s vehicles if not we will incur a lot of expenses.  Here, you could bump into people’s cars as much as you want and get away from it.

After driving cars, we went to take a helicopter ride at Harold’s Helitours Ride.  Both the boys piloted the helicopter, while mummy took a back seat to enjoy the view in Sodor island.

After the helicopter ride, we decided to try something a bit more daring… The Colin Crane Drop Ride.  It wasn’t very scary but to get into the mood, I screamed at the top of my voice.

Finally we took a tour of Knapford Station aboard Thomas, everyone’s favourite train, at the Knapford Station Thomas Train Ride.

Our next stop was to Sanrio Help Kitty Town as it was about time for the Candy Parade which is a new parade route at 2pm.

This is the first SANRIO HELLO KITTY TOWN theme park outside of Japan consisting of various walk-through attractions, interactive activities and rides, which follow the Hello Kitty theme.  We are so lucky to be able to check it out.

Just take a look at the crowd watching the parade!  Everyone was so happy to see Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel that we just kept taking photos of them non-stop.

There’s a playground called Friendship Land which kids can go inside to play.

Pardon me as the little girl in me was unleashed in Hello Kitty Town.  I just had to sit there to take a photo.

One of my favorite corners was Wishful Studio where visitors can create their very own Hello Kitty themed souvenirs, or choose to dress up and decorate themselves as their favorite character.

The boys sat down inside the studio to create their own Hello Kitty badges.

I couldn’t help but join in the fun in creating my own Hello Kitty badge too.

Next, we went over to Hello Kitty’s kitchen and decorate our very own Hello Kitty biscuit.

The boys had fun trying to decorate the biscuits by using chocolate chips, chocolate rice and strawberry jam, so that they looked like Hello Kitty.

Kaiser made a mess and I joked that Hello Kitty suddenly has blackheads on her face.  But in a more serious tone, I think this kitchen is a place where kids can unleash their creativity in how they want to decorate their own biscuits.

Look at my masterpiece!  Not bad right?  Immediately after the kids finished decorating the biscuits, they gobbled them up into their tummies.

There are also a host of delectable Hello Kitty themed drinks and pastries from the Red Bow Café and Cinnamaroll Café to delight in between enjoying the activities!

Overall, it was a wonderful experience for both me and my two boys to spend our day in the imaginary world of both Sanrio Hello Kitty Town and Thomas Town.  This theme park is  a must visit attraction if you are going to Puteri Habour cos both adults and kids can have lots of fun in an indoor setting with the different rides and activities.  A visit to Puteri Habour won’t be complete without visiting this theme park.


SANRIO HELLO KITTY TOWN and THOMAS TOWN are located strategically in Puteri Harbour, Iskandar Puteri, Johor, just 20 a minute drive from the Malaysia-Singapore Second Link, 25 minutes away from the Senai International Airport and only 10 minutes away from LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort. Puteri Harbour is also accessible from Indonesia via 90 minute ferry ride from Tanjung Balai and 2-hour ferry ride from Batam.


Persiaran Puteri Selatan, Puteri Harbour 79000 Iskandar Puteri
Johor Darul Takzim

Operating Hours:

Wednesday to Monday – 10am to 6pm
Closed Every Tuesday
(except during Malaysia school holidays, National & Johor public and replacement holidays)

To purchase tickets, visit or/and