As a lifestyle influencer, I run instagram giveaway contests quite often.  In order to send the giveaway prizes to my followers, I use SmartPac.

For those who are wondering what SmartPac is, it is a postage-paid doorstep delivery with free packaging by Singpost.

Benefits of SmartPac

Why do I choose to use SmartPac?  There are many reasons and benefits of using SmartPac.

Firstly, it is super convenient and lightweight.  For someone like me who wishes that there are more than 24 hours in a day, SmartPac is a lifesaver as there is no need to join the queue in Signpost to weigh the item and calculate postage before sending.

It is straight delivery to the receiver’s doorstep and if he or she is not at home, SmartPac will be placed in the letterbox.  Hence there is no need to request for redelivery.

One great point about SmartPac is that I can enjoy a peace of mind with tracking system in place.  This will prevent any conflict between seller and buyer, in the case of ‘missing’ parcels.

How to use SmartPac?

First step is to purchase it from any Post Office or Shop@Singpost.

Next pack your items into a suitable SmartPac (according to weight and recommended dimension) and drop it at/in any Post office or street posting box (57 POs) and more than 800 posting boxes.

In order to test the efficiency of SmartPac,  three influencers Flora, Joanna and I did a box swap.  What we did was to purchase some items and send to one another.

After some thoughts, I decided to send a bottle of shower cream, a tube of body moisturiser and two packs of titbits to Flora using SmartPac.

All the items fitted nicely into the box for me to send them over to her place.

I could easily track my item’s delivery status via or SP Mobile App.

Flora could either receive the item from the post man or if she was not at home, item would be placed in her letter box.

SmartPac is just so simple to use!

At the same time, Joanne sent over some presents for me using SmartPac Lite.

Wow… she got me a box of Ferrero Rocher, one of my favourite chocolate brands and also Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion.  I heard that this eyeshadow primer was great to use and eyeshadow colours will last throughout the day.  Can’t wait to try it out!

Most importantly, the items arrived without any damage.

So wonderful to know that we can safely send items via SmartPac with an ease of mind.

Pricing and where to purchase them

There are different weight limits for different boxes and different pricing as well.

For SmartPac, up to 3kg with dimensions 300 x 190 x 65(mm), it costs S$4.70(with GST)

For SmartPac Lite, up to 1kg with dimensions 240 x 330 x 65(mm), it costs S$3.80(with GST)

For SmartPac Mini, up to 600g with dimensions 150 x 220 x 65(mm), it costs S$3.20(with GST)

For Poly M (big), it costs S$2.90 (with GST)

For Poly M (small), it costs S$2 (with GST)

To purchase them , you can visit

Get to enjoy up to 12% OFF when you purchase minimum 20 pieces at the post offices or Shop@Singpost. (applicable for all the products)

Items that should not be packed

Also do take note that items that should not be packed are

  • Explosive or flammable items
  • Corrosive substances
  • Poison, toxic and infectious substances
  • Radioactive material
  • Compressed gas
  • Firearms
  • Anything that by its nature or packaging, may expose officers of SingPost to danger and harm or cause damage to other items
  • Coins, bank notes, currency notes, or securities of any kind payable to bearer are to be sent via insured Post only.

In addition, it is recommended not to send anything that is of high value (e.g. $1000 diamond ring), item with high tendency of leakage (unless sealed tightly) or precious items (e.g. one and only item in the world)

Giveaway Contest

SingPost is having a giveaway contest where you get a chance to win prizes over S$100…yeah!

All you need to do is to:

Upload a photo of you receiving or sending a SmartPac on Instagram

Follow @mysingpost and @mselaineheng, tag 3 friends and hashtag #SMARTwaytoPAC

3 posts with the most number of likes win prizes over $100!