Review of Tian Yuan Xiang Double-boiled Chicken Essence

Having late nights for me is very common as the only time I have to do my work is when the kids go to bed.  As a result, I get tired in the daytime easily and can’t focus well on my daily chores.

Luckily I found a solution to help me combat tiredness and boost my recovery from mental fatigue…Tian Yuan Xiang!

Tian Yuan Xiang double-boiled chicken essence is well received in Asia, including China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Many people may think that of the “canned smell” the moment they hear chicken essence.  Tian Yuan Xiang is completely different.  Originated from southern Taiwan, the chicken essence is braised and stewed under elevated temperature and the 100% natural extraction authentically adhere to the Taiwanese ancient manners, so it tastes yummy, rich and filled with nutrients, just like homemade chicken soup.

Tian Yuan Xiang double-boiled chicken essence come in various types.  For example, original chicken essence, pure chicken essence, chicken essence with ganoderma lucidum, chicken essence for men, chicken essence with american ginseng, chicken essence with eucommia, chicken essence for digestion, chicken essence with vaccaria seed, chicken essence with nourishments, chicken essence with cordyceps, chicken essence for pregnancy plan (chicken essence for ovulation period (Before) 10 packets + chicken essence for ovulation period (After) 10 packets) and chicken essence for children (chicken essence for appetite 10 packets + chicken essence for digestion 10 packets).

I am taking Tian Yuan Xiang double-boiled chicken essence with cordyceps and I love it!  As I know, the herb cordyceps is able to enrich lung and Qi and it makes me feel less tired and gives me energy to overcome the stresses in life.

Tian Yuan Xiang double-boiled chicken essence does not have any water added in during production.  The self-raised chicken without any chemicals or hormone are used.  These chickens are breed in pollution-free mountain.  There are no preservatives, no artificial colouring and no spices.

By the way, their chicken essence (except Eucommia flavour) is Halal certified so it’s also suitable for Muslim friends to consume.

The chicken essence is low calorie, low sodium and low cholesterol.

Tian Yuan Xiang double-boiled chicken essence are great for couples planning for a pregnancy, during pregnancy/confinement, breastfeeding moms, children/teenagers, aftercare, the elderly and adults.

My kids are also taking Tian Yuan Xiang chicken essence for children so that they have more energy and vitality to bring them through the day in school.  They are usually very picky about food but they absolutely love drinking this!

Chicken essence for children includes chicken essence for digestion*10 + chicken essence for appetite*10. The herb applied such as Si Shen (四神) is believed to strengthen digestion and boost appetite. Another herb, Hairy Uraria (九尾草) can help relieve the growing pains during children’s puberty period.

The Best Time To Drink Chicken Essence

Do drink the chicken essence in the morning on an empty stomach as well as drinking it before 4pm.  Please be informed that having chicken essence before going to bed might lead to sleeplessness.

Do not drink chicken essence if you are having stomach flu, fever and inflammation.

If you are in your menstrual period, “Original” and “Pure” flavors of chicken essence are suggested to be drunk, while the other flavors are not recommended.

Drinking 1-2 packets per day is recommended.  For those who are feeling exhausted, 2 packets are recommended.  For postpartum care, consuming 2-4 packets a day is recommended.

Preservation Method

Tian Yuan Xiang double-boiled chicken essences contain no preservatives.  “The Expiration Date” is printed on the packaging as a reference for drinking the chicken essence.

Heating Method

Frozen version

Put the frozen chicken essence block in a bowl without unfreezing it, add a lid and heat it directly over 100 degree celsius using a microwave oven or double-boiling method.

Room temperature version

Soak chicken essence directly in hot water to heat up or remove the packaging and heat up via double-boiling method or microwave before consuming.

Me and my kids love drinking Tian Yuan Xiang double-boiled chicken essence for its goodness!

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