Save Time From Makeup With 6D Eyelash Extensions from Nailz Treats on 15 April 2019

Going for holidays is fun but waking up early to do your makeup is definitely not.  Luckily I have Nailz Treats which I will visit whenever I want to do eyelash extensions.

This is a photo of me before the eyelash extensions. I still have some eyelash extensions from the previous round.

As I was invited by Air Asia for an overseas media FAM trip over last weekend, I immediately contacted Nailz Treats to book my appointment for a 6D eyelash extension a week ago. Again, I went with longer lashes at the outer corners of my eyes with shorter lashes in the inner corners of my eyes.  I prefer this style more than the dolly eye look.  Somehow, long lashes at the outer corner of my eyes makes my eyes look longer and sexier… lol!

This is me after 6D eyelash extensions.

Eyelash extensions normally take about 2 hours so do set aside the time in order to get beautifully accentuated eyes.  I think it is super worth the time and money to do eyelash extensions cos you don’t even need to put on makeup to look good! It is so convenient for me especially in the morning as I can grab extra hours of sleep. Also, I can skip my eye makeup if I am in a rush.

Want to get beautiful eyelash extensions? Nailz Treats offers a variety of eyelash extensions, although I only go for 6D eyelash extensions.

Do check Nailz Treats out at the following locations:

  • Century Square 03-18 Tel:67813318
  • Bedok Mall B1-03 Tel:68449558
  • Bedok Mall B1-65 Tel:63856255
  • The Clementi Mall 04-14 Tel:62623727
  • One KM Mall 02-46 Tel:67022202
I love the fullness of the eyelash extensions!

Please remember to make your appointment before going over as Nailz Treats is very popular.  I  also heard that a new branch will be opening in Funan Mall… Can’t wait to check it out when it is officially opened!

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