Second Review of BioRevive Hair Gro Treatment on 12 Jan 2016

As mentioned in one of my previous post blog at, it is important to take good care of your scalp.

Thanks to Lydia, the owner of Bio Revive HairGro salon, I am invited back for their scalp treatment again… yeah!

We started off with a hair scalp scan, before the using the hi-frequency wand to kill the bacteria on the scalp.

Not to worry, there was no pain at all.  In fact, it felt good to know that the bacteria was being killed.

After this, a special hair oil was massaged into the hair scalp.

Se how meticulous she was in massaging the hair oil treatment into the scalp.

After this step, a paper towel was wrapped around my head so that when the steamer that would be placed on my head later on, the steam which would condense into water, won’t drip into my eyes.

After the steaming of the scalp to allow better absorption of nutrients, a special hair mask was applied to the scalp.

The steamer was placed on the head again for the mask nutrients to be absorbed by the scalp.

After this, my hair was washed with shampoo to remove the remaining hair mask from my scalp and hair.

A bowl of herbal water is poured through my scalp after the hair wash.

Final step was to apply BioRevive HairGro Tonic onto the scalp, before my hair was blown dried. And everyone. please meet the gorgeous lady boss, Lydia!

I had a great chat with her and found out that she started two businesses while she was working full time as a flight stewardess.  BioRevive Hair Gro Salon is one of the two businesses which she started, while the other business is an online business selling kaftans.  She has such an entrepreneur mindset that it is so admirable.  Not many people can run two businesses while working full time.  She told me that her mum helps her to run the salon when she is away for work.

Lydia was very kind to give me two presents… Bio Growth Shampoo and Bio Growth Hair Tonic for my home use.  Thanks so much my dear for your generosity!

If you are keen to try out the 2 hrs Scalp restoration and Hairgro treatment, which I went through, check out the center’s website at  The center is also on Facebook:

BioRevive HairGro Center is located at Novena Square 2, #B1-132.  It is opened daily from 11am to 9pm and the last appointment is at 7pm daily.  Do give the center a call at +65 6397 6322 to make an appointment today and keep your crowning glory in tact!


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