Singapore 2010 Youth Olympics Games (YOG) Training for Volunteers(Ladies)

It is so fun to watch YOG victory ceremonies and recognising the faces whom had gone thru’ the grooming and deportment workshops conducted by myself!  I keep pointing out to Daddy my participants and how proud I am to see them looking so poised and well groomed…hahaha!

I have conducted about 10 rounds of training for the YOG volunteers to get them ready for Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games.  These volunteers come from the different institutions like NTU, NUS, ITE, JCs and polytechnics.  Some of my students from Singapore Polytechnic signed up for this after hearing from me as well.  For the ladies, they have to undergo training in terms of makeup, grooming and deportment.  For the gentlemen, they have to undergo training in terms of skincare and deportment.  The classes are manageable and I am glad that I have the assistance of a YOG intern, Diyana and YOG contract staff, Wawa, to ensure that the training goes smoothly.  These are some of the pictures taken during the training.

The girls happily trying out the cosmetics.
That’s me in one corner..hahaha!
This is a nice shot.
What was I doing with my hand?
One of the girls putting on liptick.
Me demonstrating the standard and appropriate hairstyle for the girls.
Diyana is good in taking pics!
In the dance studio learning deportment….
What did we do with the boys? More pics coming up.