[Tech/Lifestyle Review] Sudio Regent Headphones

Are you someone who loves music or know someone who loves music?  If so, do check out Sudio’s products that offers studio quality sound and exquisite minimalistic design.
The first thing that ‘wowed’ me was how Sudio products were nicely packed in gift boxes.  Most other companies will just pack products up into brown boxes and send them for delivery.  Studio went an extra mile to pack their products nicely in gift boxes that come with red ribbons.  I think anyone who receives Sudio products will be super delighted.
I was very excited to open up the box that contained Sudio Regent.  The headphone looks so sleek and modern.   The best part is that it is wireless, operating on the cutting edge Bluetooth 4.1 Technology hence you won’t need to worry about entangled and unsightly wires.  It is compatible with all Bluetooth devices which means you can sync it with your mobile devices and listen to all the songs saved in there.  

If you are someone who likes to customise your headphone, Sudio Regent offers 4 optional interchangeable cap designs so that you can match the headphones with your style that day.  I chose the caps with white marble design as I like an ultra modern appearance yet classy feel too.

The headband is padded and adjustable so basically anyone can wear it comfortably.  Portability is very important and Sudio Regent is extremely convenient to bring around with its foldable hinges and light weight construction.  It has a 3 button remote and mic as well.

You can choose between white or black colour.  Good news is with every purchase, you get a free handphone casing in white marble design with gold detailing.

Sudio Regent provides world class sound quality and definition.  With an impeccable balance of instrumental tones and noise clarity, the musical elements seamlessly knit together to create an unmatched listening experience.

At the same time, it offers 24+ hours of battery life, so that you won’t have to scramble around to find a place to charge the headphone.

To me, Sudio Regent is the must have ultimate contemporary accessory, for listening pleasure and fashion forward sense.

Want to get your hand on Sudio Regent headphones?  Sudio will ship your order to Singapore with no shipping fee if you choose express shipping (3-4 business days).
Go to http://www.sudiosweden.com/sg/ to make your purchase today! Get 15% off when you use the promo code ‘elaineheng’.  Valid till 31 Dec 2017.