The Body Shop Bananas Body Care and Haircare Range

Can bananas be part of the ingredient for body and hair care production?  I was surprised to know that The Body Shop introduced the fabulously fruity and fragrant limited edition bananas body care and haircare range available in store from 26 Jul 2018 onwards, while stocks last.

Bananas are the world’s hottest trending fruit – we can’t stop eating bananas or sharing them on social – but what makes this 100% vegan range so unique?  Continue to read on to find out more.

The Body Shop Banana Body Yogurt

Speed up your moisturising routine with their new range of instantly absorbing Body Yogurts. Available in limited edition banana, this refreshingly ultralight gel cream formula sinks into damp skin in seconds, providing 48 hours of moisture.

It’s whipped up with Community Trade organic almond milk from Spain, Community Trade organic banana puree from Ecuador, biofermented hyaluronic acid, and moisture- retaining vegetable-derived glycerine.

The Body Shop Fruity Shower Cream and Body Butter

Lather up with this thick and fantastically fragrant Banana Shower Cream.

Next, quench your skin with the latest addition to their creamy and iconic Body Butter range.

The Body Shop Banana Haircare Range

Add Banana Truly Nourishing Shampoo, Banana Truly Nourishing Conditioner, and the 100% vegan Banana Truly Nourishing Hair Mask to your bath or shower routine. It leaves hair feeling softer, shinier and irresistibly fruity.

Additional Knowledge… Enriched with Community Trade Organic Banana Puree from Ecuador

Did you know The Body Shop strives to minimise waste by only using bananas that wouldn’t sell to the food industry – The Body Shop doesn’t care if bananas are the ‘wrong’ shape or size! Their Community Trade organic banana puree is sustainably sourced from
El Guabo, Ecuador. El Guabo pays small-scale farmers a fair price in a notoriously exploitative industry, which helps them compete with big banana plantations.