Thinkasaur Delivers Fun-filled Science Experiments Direct-to-door

Great thing comes in small package and this time round, they came in cute packaging as well.  I was so excited to receive the boxes of Thinkasaur a few weeks back on behalf of my two boys, Kaiser Quain and Rayes Luke.

Look at how cute the boxes are designed.  Gosh… I was so jealous of my boys… lol.

Just look at how happy the boys were!  They were very curious what were inside the boxes and kept asking mummy to stop taking photos and quickly open up the boxes.

Ok, one last family photo before we explored what were inside these boxes.

The boys looked on in anticipation with what could be found inside the boxes.

ok, readers… make a guess.  What exactly is Thinkasaur?

Designed chiefly for children between the ages of 5 to 10 years old, Thinkasaur comes in the form of a science kit that provides the full spectrum of materials, equipment, instruction manuals and learning points for up to four experiments per box. Delivered direct-to-door, each box covers a specific scientific theme, such as chemistry, physics and Earth science!

See how engrossed the two boys were as they looked into the box.

When I told them that there were a total of 4 different activities in each Thinkasaur box, they were super happy!

The programme, which is founded primarily on encouraging hands-on learning and Do-It-Yourself fun for children, delivers a different set of science experiments each month for both parents and children to work on together. 

To teach them on the virtue of sharing, I got them to take turns to do a task each with the items provided in order to complete the activity.

Just take a look at the photos below… these two boys could hardly play together without fighting but for this activity from Thinkasaur, both of them listened attentively on the instructions which I gave them…hahaha!

The good thing about Thinkasaur is that the activities are separated into individual packaging hence I can choose to do some activities on another day, which I did.  Hence we had family fun again, the next evening!

Thinkasaur subscription programmes are offered either on a 6-month period at $43/month or a 12-month period at $40/month and are available for purchase online at

Alternatively, single boxes are available for purchase at $48/box. 

The two boys love the hands-on activities to bits as they get to do something interesting while mummy learns that they are learning something instead of just playing with toys.   

Science has never been so fun till Thinkasaur exists!