Vitabrid Skincare and Haircare Products Review

I was so busy with work and media events that my skin had taken a toll… looking tired and lack of glow.

I was on the search for skincare products to improve my skin condition when I got to know about Vitabrid.  The range of products helped my skin to regain its luminosity and vitality for a youthful glow from within as active Vitamin C continuously penetrates deep into the skin and scalp for over 12 hours.

Vitabrid Dual Serum

One of my favorite item from Vitabrid is the Dual Serum which comes in a box of 3.

This Dual Serum improves skin elasticity and provides deep hydration while brightening the skin at the same time. It also gives an anti-wrinkle effects as Hybridized Vitabrid CG and Peptides are delivered deep into your skin layers, reversing your skin age from the inside out.

You will need to twist the bottom part to mix the Deep Care Serum and Skin-Barrier Serum to boost the effectiveness of the Dual Serum.

The key ingredient Vitabrid CG is an active and stable Vitamin C which permeates the skin layers down to the dermis layer continuously over 12 hours, making the skin firmer, healthier, brighter and revitalised.

I like the light texture of the serum and it is so gentle that it does not cause any redness or itchiness for my sensitive oily skin.

Vitabrid Dual Cream Eye & Face

The synergistic combination of Vitabrid CG and blend of peptides overall brightens, firms and improves the complexion and area around the eyes and face.

It deeply hydrates my skin and brightens it as well.

One of the key ingredient, Peptide helps in elasticity, improve in skin tone/texture and skin regeneration.  It also helps in anti-ageing and diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Vitabrid Dual Mask-Brightening & Luminous

This is a treatment that everyone must use to further achieve and restore skin’s inner radiance and luminosity while deeply hydrating for soft and
supple skin.

It helps to promote collagen production and improves overall complexion.

From the dual synergistic effect of Vitabrid and Peptibrid™, skin elasticity
and moisture retention improves, giving an overall healthy-looking complexion.

This mask is so convenient to use… just need to put on the face and you can do your own stuff while waiting for the mask to work its magic.  You won’t need to wash off too.  All you need to do remove the mask and you are done.

Vitabrid Scalp Shampoo

Enriched with natural proteins, this gentle shampoo cleanses the scalp, nourishing it with vitamins and natural extracts. Free from harmful silicon, parabens and sulfates, the shampoo hydrates the scalp and helps restore vitality and luster. Preventing hair loss, it also promotes fuller and thicker hair growth.

I like the fact that it is free from harmful chemicals like silicon, parabens and sulfates.  It is also safe for use on sensitive scalps.

Vitabrid Hair Tonic Set Professional

Everyone needs hair tonic to strength the roots of the hair.  This set of hair tonic helps to revitalize and promote a healthy scalp and hair. It soothes and reinvigorates the scalp after perming, dyeing, seasonal changes among other factors that stress the scalp. It also hydrates and soothes the scalp.

Want to enjoy the benefits of these products and see the difference?

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