Warning: Never Ever Buy HTC Handphones…

I am not using HTC handphone but Daddy is and when his hp broke down within 1 year of usage, he asked me to help to arrange for repairs with HTC service centre and this was what happened…

I am very extremely disappointed with the HTC Hotline and the free pickup and delivery service provided.

Firstly, calling the HTC hotline was a hassle and chore beacause the line is forever engaged and I could only get through after numerous tries.  Luckily, the house phone could be put on speaker mode, so I could still do my work while waiting for someone on the other end to pick up.  After getting through the line, the HTC customer care people didn’t know how to speak proper English and I had to explain a few times before they could understand the problem. 

After the HTC phone was repaired which took about 5 working days(not counting the weekends), I received an sms from their courier side on 16 Sept 2010 asking me to pick up th phone from HTC counter at Vivocity on 17 Sept after 1 pm. I called the person in charge of courier up and checked with him nicely if he can deliver to me directly to my house on 17 Sept 2010.

Maybe he was upset about working today or something as his attitude was very nasty and asked me a few times if I was certain that I will be at home.  I already mentioned that, “Yes, today I will be around and he commented sarcastically, “Oh, It’s raining so you don’t want to work is it?” I work from home and when there is no training, I do the rest of my admin work from home but I think his comments are uncalled for.

After that, he said that it is raining very heavily so they can’t do any delivery at all.  What an excuse! If everyone doesn’t work when it is raining, I think S’pore economy will die sooner or later.  The reason why we require courier service is that it is much more convenient for customers.  If courier service doesn’t want to work on raining days, then why do we need them for?!  After I told him that “Yes, I will be definitely at home.”, he still insisted that they can’t do any delivery.

When I asked how come the courier cannot do delivery, he gave another excuse and said, “Oh, cos we scared that we can’t contact you when we deliver to your place and he started complained that he couldn’t contact me yesterday.” I had to do training yesterday afternoon and couldn’t pick up my phone when I was working yet he used this as an excuse not to deliver. 

Only after some time, he agreed to deliver the repaired handphone to me on 17 Sept but he kept saying that they will deliver anytime from 2.30 to 6pm, which I understand cos I’m not asking them or demanding them to deliver to me at a specific time.

This very bad experience made me think twice about getting a HTC phone again next time.  If next time Daddy wants to get a HTC handphone, I’m gonna to kill him for sure…hahaha!
On a serious note, I hope HTC can work on the courier service side to ensure that customers are not subjected to any of such nonsense again.