I have skinny calves and whatever boots I tried on in Singapore, makes me look like a fisherman on her way out to sea. As a result, I developed very stringent criteria for boots and they must fulfill the following:-

1. Opening circumference must not be too big… about 30-32 cm or less is gd
2. Must not have very high heels as I’m getting old and walking around in high heels will be extremely tiring. For work, I stand on high heels from 830am to 5pm so offwork, I prefer to be in flats.
3. Must have zip. This is to allow easy wearing of the boots. I don’t want to end up struggling to put on and take off my boots.
4. Initially, I wanted to get one with real leather but real leather boots can be very expensive especially if we consider the cost per wear ratio.

Hhmmm… actually, my criteria is not that difficult to fulfill but those boots you find in Singapore just don’t fill the bill. They are either too filmsy, too ugly or satisfy one but not the rest criteria kind.

Luckily, I managed to find good pairs imported from overseas which fit all my requirements a few weeks ago! Recently my supplier showed me some new designs and gosh… extremely lovely pairs that I can’t wait to lay my hands on!

Since I know how difficult it is to get a nice pair of boots in Singapore, I have decided to collate orders for a few good looking pairs from overseas. If anyone is interested to get a pair or few pairs, do contact me at elaine@elaineheng.com and email me the following:-

Contact No:
Mailing Address:
Boot Name:
(Best is to attach the pic in your email)

Payment has to be made before order is confirmed.

I will collate orders until 1 April, 12 noon.

Pricing includes direct delivery to your doorstep via registered mail for addresses in Singapore. Shoes will arrive about 10 to 15 days time after 1 April. Pls be patient in waiting for your orders to reach you. Do note that I won’t be responsible if the shoes do not fit you well, quality of the shoes as I won’t be able to check before they are sent out from overseas factory or any sustained damages along the way. So far, I have no issues with my previous pairs.

In order to check for size of the shoes which you intend to get, check out my guide below.

Guide to Choosing Size of Shoes/Boots

First, trace the outline of your foot on a piece of paper

Measure the longest length of your foot (a) and note it down.

Measure the longest width of your foot (b) and note it down.

Look at the table below to get the size of the shoes.

Shoe Size                a                                 b

33                           21.5                           8

34                           22                              8-8.5

35                           22.5                           8.5

36                           23                              8.5-9

37                           23.5                           9

38                           24                              9-9.5

39                           24.5                           9.5

40                           25                              9.5-10

41                           25.5                           10

42                           26                              10-10.5

43                           26.5                           10.5

44                           27                              10.5-11

45                           27.5                           11

Boots for Sales

Name: Pair 1

Colour: Black or Chocolate Brown

Size: 35, 36, 37, 38, 39

Material: PU leather

Heels: about 4cm but because the front of the boots is slightly elevated as well, so it should feel comfortable wearing this

Length of the boots(without including the heels): about 25cm

Opening circumference: about 30cm

Cost: S$65 inclusive of delivery to your doorstep via registered mail

I’m in love with this pair basically because:-

1. From the front view, it looks clean and neat cos it doesn’t have much detailing
2. The length is not very long(about mid calf) and I can wear it in Singapore during colder months or raining days. Wearing long boots in Singapore is just too weird and people will think that I’m crazy. This pair works just fine!
3. The heels will make me look taller but yet still comfortable for walking
4. It comes with a zip so wearing this pair is a breeze
5. Although the opening may not fit snuggly but it is still within my acceptable range… won’t look too wide opened at the calf area.
6. This pair of boots has a rugged feel cos of the heels but yet it manages to balance it up with the ribbon details at the side. Because of the intricate design, I can wear this with shorts or dresses.
7. I don’t think I can find similar pairs in Singapore cos so far none of the pairs can make it.

I am totally in love with this pair! My only dilemma now is whether I should get a black or a chocolate brown coloured pair…. Maybe I should get both…hahahahaha!

Name: Pair 2


Colour: Black
Material: PU patent leather
Size: 35 36 37 38 39
Heels: about 5cm
Length of boots: about 36.5cm
Opening circumference: about 36cm
Ankle circumference: about 31.5cm
This long boots has no zip, so you have to wear it the way you wear socks.
Cost: S$65 inclusive of delivery to your doorstep via registered mail

Name: Pair 3

Material: PU leather
Heel: about 9cm
Size: 34 35 36 37 38 39
Colour: grey colour or beige colour
Length of boots: information not available..Sorry!
Design: Bling bling crystals belt-like design at the top. No zip
Cost: S$65 inclusive of delivery to your doorstep via registered mail

Name: Pair 4

Colour: Black or kaki
Size: 34 35 36 37 38 39
Material: PU leather
Heel: 6cm
Length of boots: about 27cm
Opening circumference: about 31cm
Design: bling bling buckle, no zip
Cost: S$68 inclusive of delivery to your doorstep via registered mail

If you are interested to get one or a few pairs, contact me asap!!