Top 4 Reasons to Attend Digital Marketing Workshop At MDIS MDC

Continuous learning is in my blood, so when I was looking for workshops to attend, I wanted to go for something that will help me gain knowledge on the latest and upcoming trends so that I can be prepared for the future. Be it for my business in the image consultancy and coaching arena or for my personal branding on social media platforms, Digital Marketing workshops seems to be the perfect solution to what I was looking for.

After doing research online on various workshops focusing on Digital Marketing, I decided to go for the MDIS Digital Marketing Workshop, organised by MDC, which is the corporate training arm of MDIS.

Top 4 Reasons To Attend Digital Marketing Workshop At MDIS MDC

The reasons (and in no particular order) why I decided on this were:

Relevant Content

The key takeaways for this workshop resonated with what I was looking out for.  I wanted to learn more about the following:

  • How to make my corporate website and blog more SEO friendly so as to drive relevant traffic
  • How I can achieve results from clicks to conversion
  • How to use the various social media marketing platforms to market my image training, consultation and coaching sessions
  • How to carry out email marketing, content marketing and video marketing
  • Gain the knowledge to craft and implement an effective digital marketing plan

Trainer Profile

With a good coverage of topics, definitely an outstanding trainer who can deliver the content is critical.  I was relieved to know that Mr Andrew Chow, social media keynote speaker, would be the trainer for this workshop.  His profile and number of years of experience put me at ease, knowing that I would be in good hands.

Andrew Chow is a certified Life Coach, Entrepreneur, Speaker and Author Singapore. He has spoken in many conferences to business leaders of South east Asia and civil servants in Middle East and North Africa region. His insights on Social Media Strategy, Media Management and Personal Branding have made him a top choice for workshop leaders. His dynamic presentation style and thought leadership make him a frequently sought-after keynote speaker.

From his early days as a young researcher in the civil service, Andrew has diverse experience in MICE, Brand Management, Training and Personalised services like in a Dating Agency. He is the best-selling author of a highly popular series of books: Social Media 247, Public Relations 247 and Personal Branding 247.

Andrew had more than 150 interviews and features about him or his business since 2005 from Channel News Asia, News 8, 938Live, Business Times, Zao Bao, Berita Harian, Today, The New Paper, My Paper, STOMP, FEMALE, HER WORLD, PEAK, SHAPE, Lifestyle, etc). Andrew was also the business coach on Effective Media Management for Singapore’s leading radio station 938live – Positive Business Minute.

Convenient Location

The Digital Marketing workshop organised by MDC is conveniently held at MDIS Dhoby Ghaut at 20 Orchard Road. (2 mins walk from Dhoby Ghaut MRT station)

MDC Provides Scrumptious Lunch and Tea Breaks

Lunch came as a bonus because usually most training providers will only provide two tea breaks and lunch is usually on our own.


However, I was pleasantly surprised that lunch was provided for both days.  I think this is great because participants won’t need to walk around to search for food especially during lunch hour where everywhere is so crowded.

The 2 Days Workshop on Digital Marketing

The workshop started at 9am and ended at 5pm.  It was very interesting as Andrew included a lot of humour and fun facts in his delivery.  There was not a dull moment as every point was practical and it made me think of how I could better improve on the SEO of my corporate website and my blog using Keyword analysis and research.

At the same time, I also learnt about some important digital marketing terms which I had never heard before. Case studies were given for better understanding on Social Media Marketing Strategy.

Andrew Chow social media keynote speaker

Andrew also used a Digital Marketing Hybrid Learning method in the workshop where we used Google+ for discussion topics and downloaded slides and documents.

Below are some nuggets of wisdom which Andrew gave us during the workshop:

  • Know where are your customers are on their buying journey (Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action).  This is the basic fundamental if you want to be successful in your Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy.
Create Buyer Persona using Enneagram

  • Create different buyer persona to ascertain the niche keywords. Different buyers have different pain although you may have the same solution for all.  This was best demonstrated when we played personality profiling game using Enneagram.  By understanding the 9 different personalities and combinations, we can create Buyer Persona using Enneagram.

  • The real online visibility game starts with owning the niche and long tail keywords. Your USP starts here.

  • Branded Content is the new online advertisement. Think like a journalist and write as if you are in the papers. Be as objective as you can. Use hyperlink and avoid being too heavy on the call to action.
  • Content Marketing is Digital Story Telling. Write your script well. Get emotional. Associate your story with anything people can identify with everyday’s life.
Andrew invited a guest speaker, Mr Melvyn Tan, who talked about video marketing and how to use it in various stage of the customer buying journey.

  • Content is King but Engagement (Context) is Queen of Social Media. Make sure you have an active engagement of comments and shares.
  • If engagement is the heart of social media, hashtags are the keys to engagement. Remember the 9 criteria for hashtags. (Popular, Context, Branded, Memorable, Niche. Brief, Re-usable, Trackable, Unique)
  • If you wish to go fast, work with influencers. If you wish to go far, work with ambassadors. Work Smart! You should not invite the most popular of all; you need to invite the most suitable of all.
As Andrew knew that I am very active on social media as an influencer, he invited me to share my thoughts on social media and my experience collaborating with brands.
  • Even when a prospect becomes your customer, you have to do re-marketing. They need to be reminded of you often. Electronic Direct Mailing will still work when they know you and want to be in your inner circle.

My Verdict:

After two days of Digital Marketing Workshop, I am ready to put what I learnt into practise. I would strongly recommend everyone sign up for this workshop, especially if you are in the digital, marketing and communications!

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