Due to COVID-19 pandemic, I conduct most of my work and meetings on line. At the same time, I am attending a part-time course hence the time I spent sitting in front of my laptop accounts to more than half of my entire day.

I am so glad that I found one of the best ergonomic and gaming chairs in Singapore… APOL! I got the Kreken in PU leather. Known as APOL’s best seller. It is made from their signature CloudTech® Foam paired with incredible amount of supports. When I sit on it, I feel a very incredible comforting hugging sensation.


To me, comfort is very important. The breathable PU Leather is specially designed to allow airflow through the pores to maximise the sitting experience.

The signature CloudTech® Foam gives enhanced comfort which is soft and bouncy, with the intention of ergonomic support, comfort and greater durability.

This is also the first time I heard of a chair with 4D adjustable armrests that have four directional functions, allowing customization. You can slide the armrests front, back, left, right as well as clockwise and counter clockwise to provide maximum comfort.

APOL chairs comes with the signature Memory Foam Head Pillow and Lumbar Pillow and it is so comfortable and designed for maximum support, comfort and to relieve the discomfort of the head, neck and shoulders.

MY APOL chair allows me to recline up to 165 degrees with the smooth backrest recline mechanism, so I can do a full-body stretch without having to get up. The Multi-Functional Tilt Mechanism Feature (Two control levers with tilt locking positions) gives me full control over your ideal position and ability to rock backwards. The comfort you never thought you needed.

Just as the backrest and armrest are important, so is the base of the chair. The Aluminum Wheelbase is resistant to corrosion and rust while offering stability.

My APOL chair can easily move and roll around at any working space as there are wheels mounted to the bottom of each chair leg. Dual-wheel casters help to reduce noise, protect the floor and offer versatility.

Of course, it is a stylish addition to any rooms in the house, offering a sleek style, comfort and durability.

if you are like me who wants comfort and style, grab an APOL chair at https://apol.sg/discount/elainexapol?aff=75 and you receive an additional $19 OFF for all APOL chairs on top of the ongoing sales!

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