LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort from 21 to 23 Sept 2018

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LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort on 21 Sept 2018

We left our home at 11am and handed towards Johor Bahru Malaysia where LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort is located.  We took only an hour to reach our destination.

Checking into LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort was fuss free and we left our luggages at the reception counter as we reached much earlier than the check in timing.

As it was about lunchtime, we decided to try Kai’s Sushi Bar located right inside Bricks Family Restaurant.

Both the boys love Japanese food so this was the perfect place for them.

The restaurant was also very kind to offer us fresh fruits after the lunch.

After lunch, we checked into our hotel room, the Premier Adventure Theme which can accommodate 5 people.  The boys were so excited when they saw the room which they would be sleeping in as the room is decorated based on a lego theme.

The boys got the bunk bed while I got the king size bed… lol.

The kids also got their own TV where they chose the TV programmes that they wanted to watch.

There are also a vanity/work station and a sofa chair in the main bedroom for those who want to sit and relax.

There was also a welcome treasure hunt in the room where the boys had to look around the room to find the answers to the questions below.

The last question could only be answered by finding out the number from the cube game under the TV.

Once the boys got the all the answers, they proceeded to open the treasure chest found in one corner of the bedroom… fingers crossed!

And yes, the boys managed to open the treasure chest and both got a lego set!

Besides the welcome treasure hunt, there were also a box of lego bricks for the boys to play during the stay.  This kept the boys busy while mummy got some ‘me’ time… yes!


As it was raining after we changed into our swimwear, we decided to go to the hotel lobby to wait for the rain to stop before making our way to the Water Park.

There were lego bricks everywhere where kids can use their imagination to build something.  Kaiser made a machine gun while Rayes made a sword.

We also saw the Legoland dance parade and got a chance to take a photo with some Lego characters.

LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort hotel lobby was filled with fun and laughter as a magician entertained the kids which a mini magic show and balloon sculpting activities.

LEGOLAND® Water Park

Finally the rain stopped one hour before LEGOLAND® Water Park official closing time, hence we rushed over quickly to enjoy the water activities.  The boys were super excited as they love water so much and were looking forward to have a great time there.

The boys were all suited up in the safety jackets for the Build-A-Raft water activity.

So cute right?  They got to float around in the man-made river around the LEGOLAND® Water Park.

The next activity they tried was Joker Soaker and Kaiser absolutely loved this.

Kaiser was so proud of the fact that he managed to go to the highest slide and came down all the way.  I was also proud of him too!

Rayes was a bit scared of the slides hence we settled for simpler activities like DUPLO®-inspired water playground with slides designed for the young, plus interactive DUPLO creatures to keep him entertained.

By the time, LEGOLAND® Water Park was about to close, the boys were pretty tired out and we headed back to our hotel room to change for our dinner.

The buffet dinner in Bricks Family Restaurant was so amazing!  There were a wide selection of food from Western to Asian cuisine to choose from.  We had so much food that our tummies were super happy.

What impressed me most were the live stations where chefs grilled satays, cooked pastas and noodle soup dishes on the spot.

My favourite of all was the prawn noodles soup whose soup base was so flavourful that I had to go for a second serving!

LEGOLAND® on 22 Sept 2018

As Bricks Family Restaurant impressed us so much, we had our buffet breakfast there and again, it didn’t fail our expectations.  Again, my personal favourite were the live station where Rayes got to eat his favourite roti prata while I got to warm my tummy with the vegetable noodle soup.


LEGOLAND® Theme Park

Once we filled up our tummies, we headed over to LEGOLAND® Theme Park to be one of the first few to enter and catch the Opening Power Dance at The Beginning Area.  This got everyone hyped up for the day of fun filled activities.

LEGO® Star Wars Miniland

After we got passed the gantry, we headed over to LEGO® Star Wars Miniland as most of the rides were not opened yet.

It was facinating to to how lego bricks were used to recreate over 2,000 well-known LEGO® Star Wars models and iconic scenes from all six episodes and the Star Wars: The clone Wars animated series.  I can ‘Feel the Force’ all around in this new indoor experience.


Afterwhich, we headed over to LEGO® KINGDOMS where Kaiser went on The Dragon Ride which is a roller coaster ride.  I was too scared to go on it hence I decided to just walk around the area to take some photos.  Very instagrammable setup indeed.

The Royal Joust was one of Rayes’ favourite activity where he got to saddle up and ride on a cute horse that moved automatically.

Another activity which Rayes liked a lot was Merlin’s Challenge.  It is basically a carousel powered by a magical wizard and it spins around.


We made our way to the Observation Tower and enjoyed a 360 degree view of the Park as the tower rose to the skies.  The boys were so excited and said that they were flying up from the ground.

They also had some fun at the DUPLO Playtown, where they discovered the joy of playing and learning through climbing, sliding and connecting colourful LEGO® play structures with an animal farm, slides, vehicles and etc.


DUPLO® Express was yet another of Rayes’ favourite where a miniature of the LEGOLAND® Express took him on a fun train ride!


Next stop was the Land of Adventure where Kaiser got into the Dino Island ride is one of the wettest rides in the Park.  He went through a thrilling journey up a lost, forgotten volcano on a log boat that glides past animated LEGO® dinos and crashed down into waters with a huge splash.  He was very happy though cos he loves to be in waters.


A must go to area is definitely LEGO® NINJAGO WORLD! I gotta admit that this was my favourite theme to explore.

I love how the whole area was built to replicate the feel.

As we entered the LEGO® NINJAGO® THE RIDE, Kaiser saw a picture of Kai, one of the Ninjgao characters, he wanted to take a photo with it as his short name is ‘Kai’… hahaha!


After the ride where we got to  control elements like fireballs, lightning, shockwaves and ice to defeat the Great Devourer and earn ninja status, I was pleasantly surprised that I was the 4th best result of the day… woohoo!  Now I can become a Ninja… wahahaha!


We decided to explore LEGO® CITY and took the world’s favourite LEGOLAND®train that took us on a journey through the main attractions in the Park. It was a very relaxing ride where we got to enjoy the scenery and rest our feet.

After so much activities, we decided that it was time to take a break and have our lunch in the Market Restaurant.  Basically you can walk around the restaurant to decide from a wide selection of Asian and Western favourites, including special roast chicken, pizza, pastas, chicken rice, salads, fruit cups, desserts and many more.  For kids, you can order the kids meal which comes with lego shaped fries, which makes eating fun!


After fuelling our body with yummy food, we continued to explore the LEGO® CITY where the boys get to test their driving skills in the Junior Driving School for Rayes and Driving School for Kaiser.

After the boys had loads of fun driving the cute miniature lego cars, we went to catch The Realm of Shadows Live at the LEGO® City Stage.  We all enjoyed this live performance as it took us on a thrilling journey into the LEGO Ninjago universe.

Next up, we went to The Boating School where we tested our navigating skills as we drove our battery-powered LEGO® themed boats through waters to reach the end point.


As the sky started to look dark, we hurried over to try the Great LEGO Race to try out the world’s first LEGO virtual reality roller coaster!

After the ride, it started to rain hence we made our way to LEGO® Academy, where Rayes got to play with lego bricks while Kaiser headed over to LEGO® MINDSTORMS where he learnt how to make LEGO® robot move to do certain tasks within a fully air-conditioned environment.


Our final stop was at Miniland after the rain stopped.

You can actually see much-loved true-to-life miniature version of Asia’s iconic landmarks.  Each masterpiece is built with over 30 million LEGO® bricks that showcase famous attractions from 17 Asian countries such as the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur , Singapore’s Merlion, India’s Taj Mahal and even Johor’s own unique landmarks.

The boys loved to press the buttons to enjoy the sights, sounds and splendour of every work of art.

After an exciting day, we headed back to LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort for our dinner.

Di Mattoni

Here, you get to enjoy Italian cuisine like delicious pizzas and pastas, soups and desserts. After a long day, you can also delight yourself with specially-created cocktails while the kids have a blast with fruity beverages.

We had an advanced birthday celebration for Rayes and the staff came over to sing a nice birthday song.  Thanks so much!

And this pretty much concluded our second day in LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort and we headed back to our hotel room to rest.

LEGOLAND® on 23 Sept 2018

This is our final day here and we decided to head to Bricks Family Restaurant for our hearty buffet breakfast before going back to LEGOLAND® Theme Park again.

LEGOLAND® Theme Park

We went back to buy a set of lego bricks at The Brick Shop and tried some of the kids’ favourite rides again and rides that we missed out the day before.


We managed to get get into the ride at Lost Kingdom Adventure where we discovered the secrets of the ancient temple and go on a laser-blasting hunt for lost treasure, collecting points for every successful blast along the way.

It was pretty obvious that the boys loved LEGO® NINJAGO WORLD as they insisted on coming back again for LEGO NINJAGO The Ride again.


We adjourned to The Café for our lunch before heading back to our hotel room to pack our bags to return back to Singapore.

Kaiser chanced upon the one of the Ninjago character, Kai, while we were having lunch and both of us ran out so that he can grab a photo with it.  This was his lucky day and he was so happy that he managed to take a photo with Kai.

LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort Its Annual Brick-Or-Treat Halloween Festival

Thinking of visiting LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort?

During the month of October, LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort will get a complete makeover and turn into a spooky yet kid-friendly park in Malaysia for its Brick-or-Treat festival. This year, families can look forward to fun and educational activities such as Speed Building Challenges where they can work together and learn through the magic of play.

Decked out in the best Halloween looks, the whole park will be jam-packed with activities that families can enjoy and learn together, including Hut Activity Trail where visitors are required to complete tasks at various checkpoints.

Families can also take Instagram worthy photos at the Laughter Castle or catch a glimpse of their favourite LEGO® characters at the daily Halloween Parade.

Every Friday & Saturday, LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort will also be throwing the biggest Brick-or-Treat Night Party. At this lively party, kids can put their imagination and innovation to test with a Speed Building Challenge and their problem-solving skills in the Brick-Or-Treat Trail. To ensure that they adopt the key skills that they learn, participating kids will be rewarded with prizes worth up to RM500 and various brick-or-treat giveaways.

To make the most out of the holiday, families should take advantage on the following promotions:-

Promotion Details
Brick-or-Treat Party Nights (Fridays & Saturdays | From 5.00pm to 8.00pm) Special admission ticket at RM 88
Exclusive for Premium Pass Holders

(Fridays & Saturdays | 1st – 30th October)

Bring a friend for FREE
FREE admission for Kids (aged 3 – 11)

(From 1st – 30th October)

FREE entry for kids in full Halloween costumes


Families can secure their places at the LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort’s official website

For those who are thinking of booking hotel rooms for your business trips or holidays, you use promo code ‘Elaine18′ to get $18 instant discount off hotel bookings on Promo code is valid from 03 Oct to 02 Dec 2018.

Gosh, I am so tempted to go LEGOLAND®  Malaysia Resort again with the boys!