It has been a long time since I personally conduct training for Primary School students.  I happened to be free that morning hence decided to take up the training assignment.

Here I was at Boon Lay Garden Primary School by 10am in the morning… been so long since I last walk into a Primary School.  

My Primary 5 students, busy copying notes from the powerpoint slides

Met up with 5 other trainers, 3 of them are my unFranchise business partners

The training session was only 2 hrs from 10.30am to 12.30pm which worked just nice for my schedule as I was going to do volunteering at Ang Mo Kio Thye Hua Kwan Hospital that day from 2 to 5pm.  I got to know about this opportunity from SGCares website,  This website offers flexible volunteering opportunities which is wonderful for people like me whose schedule is not fixed and I can afford the time to do volunteer work during office hours on weekdays.  All i did was to sign up for an account on SGCares website, went through an online orientation training (you can have the option of attending a face to face orientation training) and searched for volunteering opportunities posted by the various organisations.

The reason why I chose to do volunteering work at Thye Hua Kwan Hospital is because I have conducted training for the hospital staff a few years back and I thought it will be wonderful to come back again, not as a trainer but as a volunteer.

The volunteers were taught how to open and operate the wheelchairs, so that we can invite the patients to get out of their wards to join us the the karaoke session and the art therapy class.  The staff nurses and in charge are very friendly and patient with us.

My name tag that day

I found out that the person playing the piano to facilitate the singing session is one of the Resident Doctor.  Really nice of him to take time off to do this session for the patients.

After the music session, we invited the patients to do some art and craft.

I sat next to two elderly who were colouring some pictures and we decided on what colours to use… lolx.

Just look at our very colourful picture… uncle did a good job colouring it! 

This uncle is so cute… He asked me if I know the name of this fish.  I said, “Gold Fish?” and he said “七彩鱼” cos it is colourful.  After that, he asked me, “Girl, today you don’t need to go to school, is it?”  I told uncle I am past the age of going to school already… lolx.

Became friends with Farrah, an overseas graduate from Australia, staying in JB.  She actually took the bus from JB to come to the hospital to volunteer her services that day.  Such a sweet girl… Salute her!

ok… who wants to join me for some volunteer work next time?