Juvederm Fillers at The Clifford Clinic by Dr Gerard Ee

Fillers to Look Younger!

I have decided to go for fillers at The Clifford Clinic and undergo certain facial enhancements so that I can regain back my youthful look and make my features more defined as well.  As we age, we tend to lose collagen and the skin starts to sag.  Yes, I know we can’t freeze our looks but we ladies still want to age gracefully.  Due to work, I normally sleep late at night and that accelerated the aging process… sob sob.  Hence I was very keen to see what Dr Gerard Ee from The Clifford Clinic can do for me.  Who knows… maybe he could turn back the clock to the time when I looked my best when I won the beauty pageant title, Ms Singapore International World 2008. 🙂

During the first consultation, Dr Ee did an analysis and he agreed that fillers would be the first step to go.  There are many types of fillers in the market and Dr Ee suggested Juvederm fillers, which help to restore facial volume by injection into the deep dermis, subcutaneously, by an authorized medical practitioner in accordance with local regulation.  So to do fillers, please go to an authorised and established clinic, like The Clifford Clinic.

Let me bring you round The Clifford Clinic for a tour first.  I love the signage very much cos it is so classy against the brownish background. Couldn’t resist but took a photo with it.

The clifford clinic is very accessible as Raffles Place MRT is just a few footsteps away.  It is located at

The Clifford Clinic

24 Raffles Place

#01-03 Clifford Centre

Singapore 048621

Mon to Fri: 10am to 8pm

Sat: 10 am to 2pm

Sun: Closed

You can enter the clinic along the pedestrian walkway outside Clifford Centre or you can enter from the entrance inside the building.  Very thoughtful indeed!  When I stepped in, I was in awe by the sophisticated and classy environment.  It felt very serene and perfect for people looking at enhancing themselves, with various aesthetics treatments.

See, even men feel comfortable to seek aesthetics treatments here.

A more private waiting area which is nicely done up.  Below are some of the rooms where various aesthetic treatments are done.  Again, very comfortable and most important, sparkling clean and hygienic.

Selfies while waiting for my turn to see Dr Ee and do my fillers.  I was wondering about the pain factor although I have a very hard threshold for pain… lolx.

 ok… my turn to go into the treatment room for juvederm fillers…. yeah!  And yes, this is Dr Gerard Ee, one of the founders of The Clifford Clinic.  Very talented aesthetic skin doctor who can tell immediately what type of aesthetic treatments you need to do in order to look pretty.  And it doesn’t hurt that he is good looking too!

ok… start of the Juvederm fillers injection.  First, Dr Ee did some markings on my face, using a white coloured pencil, so that he knew where to inject the Juvederm fillers.  This is very important cos you won’t want to end up having the volume somewhere else.

 Here we go… time for the filler injection.  Dr Ee assured me that it wouldn’t be painful, so I was kinda relaxed when he prepared to do the injection.

The first shot of fillers into my temple where I have lost a lot of volume around that area over the years.  And yes, Dr Ee didn’t lie to me. It was not painful at all.  I find that it is more like an ant bite.

I shall let the photos do the talking for those who want to see behind the scene photos to how I regained my youth back again.. lolx.

 After Dr Ee did the fillers on one side, I was already so happy with the results.

Tada! After injecting fillers on both sides of my face… I love the instant results… OMG!

Next, we moved on to the chin area.  I always hated my chin as I find it relatively short in comparison  to the rest of my features.  So we decided to do chin fillers too.

 Dr Ee doing the marking on my chin before injecting the chin fillers.  We are still using Juvederm fillers for this.  Very versatile indeed!

Dr Ee meticulously marking the area which he will be the injection of chin fillers.

ok, here we go… the first shot for chin fillers.

Gosh, I love my more defined chin after I got the chin fillers.  I can’t believe my eyes!

Thank you, Dr Gerard Ee from The Clifford Clinic for making me so happy!  I love the results of the Juvederm fillers on my temples and chin!

Let me show you my before and after photos!

The photo on the left is the after filler photo and the photo on the right is before.  Look at how the fillers balanced out my overall features!  I have short chin and I didn’t like it.  Thanks to Juvederm fillers, now my face looks balanced!

The photo on the left is the after filler photo and the photo on the right is before.  Look at how the fillers made my temple fuller, giving me a more youthful appearance.  I love my defined chin so much as well!

Those interested in filler injection or any skin treatment, do give The Clifford Clinic a call at +65 6532 2400.  You can also check out the clinic’s website at www.cliffordclinic.com.  Make an appointment with Dr Gerard Ee and he will be able to advise you on what to do to achieve the results you want.  He is a super friendly and cute doctor who is extremely talented in the aesthetic field.  You can quote my name “Elaine Heng” and tell him you read my blog post when you see him. 🙂