My Recent Purchase from An Online Blogshop

This was the first time I bought something from a local blogshop.  Not going to mention the name of the blogshop yet as I have an unresolved issue with them.

I have received my loots from them today but one of my items, a navy top, was not found inside the parcel.  I only got the teal coloured dress.  I have just emailed them and hoped that they can reply me soon as I was looking forward to trying on the top as well. I paid for registered mail for the 2 items but is kinda upset now that they have missed out the top.  I certainly hope they send me the navy top asap in registered mail since I paid for it and they missed out this item. I’m jst worried that they may ‘ignore’ my email.

Anyways, attached are pics of the dress in teal and my review:-

overall quite a nice piece, which you can wear to work tog with a jacket or wear for social functions. Material very comfortable. Initially thought that it may be too small for me but realise that it is stretchable at the back. Shows off a bit of your cleavage but not too overly sexy. Be very careful when ironing this piece as it is afterall matt satin material.

Didn’t want to show my face cos I look like auntie today.  Maybe, that’s why the prawn noodle stall auntie asked me about my children cos she presumed that I have kids alread…hahaha!
The teal colour looks a bit dull in real life but the colour turns out beautiful in pictues.  Love the teal colour to bits. 
Pls pardon my messy wardrobe.
Praying hard that I will get my top soon.