Review of Silhouette Threadlift at The Clifford Clinic

No one can escape from the effects of gravity so one of the ways to age gracefully is by using Silhouette Threadlift.

I noticed how my face gets saggier with each passing year with laugh lines getting more pronounced so I approached Dr Ee from The Clifford Aesthetics.   He recommended this option especially since I want to eliminate sagging skin and lines on my face without going through surgery.

Silhouette Threadlift

Silhouette Threadlift includes the benefits of a thread lift without the disadvantages of surgery by the use of minimally invasive threads to lift sagging tissue.

Dr Ee did some marking on my face so that it would give him the guidelines as to where the entry points would be.

Next, Dr Ee injected a small amount of local anesthetic before proceeding with Silhouette Threadlift Soft sutures.

After Dr Ee administered a small local anesthetic, Silhouette Soft sutures are introduced using a micro needle.

How Does It Work?

A lifting effect is achieved immediately.

Following by a regenerative action for a gradual and natural results through the process of re-absorption.  Silhouette Soft helps to restore lost collagen to give more definition to the features, while maintaining volume over time.

The Silhouette Threadlift aims to restore the structure of the face by tightening and pulling up the skin at the cheekbone area, brow, jowls, and upper neck. It’s the perfect alternative to a traditional facelift, as the results appear completely natural.

The Silhouette Threadlift was done within 30 minutes and I was out of the clinic.  Below are photos taken immediately after the To me, there wasn’t much downtime.  Yes, there was very slight bruising but I could easily cover them up with my makeup.  I actually went to attend a media event after this… lol.  As for pain level, I would say, it is tolerable.  What is a bit of pain compared to a younger looking face right?

The photo below was taken just before the Silhouette Threadlift.

Before Silhouette Threadlift

The photo was taken two weeks after the Silhouette Threadlift.  Notice how my cheeks look more volumised and my laugh lines are not so pronounced anymore.  My face became more V shaped too.

Two weeks after Silhouette Threadlift

I am so looking forward to more results as time passes since this is a long lasting effect for up to 18 months.

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