Gelish Manicure and Eyelash Extensions at Nailz Treats on 29 Jan 2019

Nearing Chinese New Year, many beauty salons will be fully booked and this year was no exception too. But I was very lucky that the salon I always go to, left a slot for me so that I can have beautiful nails and eyelash extensions. And it was none other that…Nailz Treats! In fact, I had to change my appointment date once due to work. But as always, the founder of Nailz Treats, was so sweet and kind to accommodate my request, even though her salons were packed.

After discussion with the senior nail artiste, we decided to go for a super cute design that incorporated, not just Chinese New Year elements but also Valentine’s Day as well. She called the design “飞天猪”… lol! Such a cute name right?

This design was very versatile cos I can still showcase it past Chinese New Year all the way to Valentine’s Day.

I also got my toenails manicured as well but without any nail polish as I had ‘hurt’ the nail beds of my big toes and I am just waiting to grow the nails out. The nail technician did a great job removing all the dead cuticles around my toe nails too.

Moving onto eyelash extensions… I requested for 6D eyelash extensions cos I received a lot of compliments from people and asking me where I did them at.

Upon my request, the eyelash technician did a smaller length of eyelash extensions near the inner corner of my eyes and increased the length of eyelash extensions near the outer corner of my eyes, for a sexy longer eye appearance.

Do check Nailz Treats out at the following locations:

  • Century Square 03-18 Tel:67813318
  • Bedok Mall B1-03 Tel:68449558
  • Bedok Mall B1-65 Tel:63856255
  • The Clementi Mall 04-14 Tel:62623727
  • One KM Mall 02-46 Tel:67022202