Gelish Manicure/Pedicure with Nailart Design at Nailz Treats on 31 Mar 2017

My last visit to Nailz Treats was on 27th Feb and it took me a while to make an appointment for my gelish manicure and pedicure as my gelish manicure was perfectly intact… it wasn’t chipped off at all.  I didn’t want to remove it as the nailart was nicely drawn but as my nails were getting too long for comfort and I had a photoshoot to do, I called the sweet lady boss of Nailz Treats to fixed an appointment on 31th Mar to remove my eyelash extensions and do gelish manicure/pedicure.

Even though the lady boss is running four Nailz Treats outlets, she is always so sweet to respond to me within a day to help me fix an appointment with her manicurists.  I’m so grateful to her and Nailz Treats manicurists for always being so supportive of my social media works and beautifying my nails so that I can attend events with super pretty nails!

We started off the manicure process by removing the existing gelish nail polish on the nails.

While one manicurist was busy doing manicure, the other worked on my toe nails.

My fingers were wrapped up with cotton pads in soak-off solution.

Afterwhich, remaining gelish nail polish was carefully pushed away.

Nails were filed to a length which I am comfortable with.

The gelish manicure process began with a solution applied to remove any oil on the nail bed so that the gelish nail polish could adhere better to the nails.

Looking at the number of different coloured gelish nail polishes, could you guess how my nail art will look like?

And the painting began, starting with the base coat.

Just take a look at the video which I took while the manicurist worked on my nails to create a ‘marbled’ effect!

And…. this was the final result!  It was my first time sporting this nail art design and black coloured nails as well.  Ain’t this cool?

If you are keen to do manicure/pedicure in Nailz Treats, they have four outlets for you to choose from.  For this visit, I went to Outlet 2 located at Bedok Mall #B1-563.  

Check out any of their outlets below but please make an appointment in advance as Nailz Treats is very popular.  

Outlet 1: 
11 New Upper Changi Road Singapore 467360
Tel: 6844 9558SMS/Whats app: 97311180

Outlet 2:Vanity at Bedok Mall #B1-563
11 New Upper Changi Road Singapore 467360
Tel: 6385 6255SMS/Whats app: 8533 5776(Nails . Lashes . Waxing . Makeup)

Outlet 3: ONE KM Mall #02-46
11 Tanjong Katong Road Singapore 437157
Tel: 6702 2202SMS/Whats app: 9111 8123

Outlet 4: THE CLEMENTI MALL #04-143
155 Commonwealth Avenue West Singapore 129588
Tel: 6262 3727SMS/Whats app: 8522 6771
(Nails . Lashes . Waxing . Makeup)