Gellish Manicure and Eyelash Extensions by Nailz Treats plus on 15 June 2018

What better way to spend my Hari Raya Puasa public holiday than to visit my favourite nails & beauty spa salon, Nailz Treats, for my pampering session of manicure and pedicure and eyelash extensions.  And the best part is Nailz Treats has just opened a new branch, Nailz Treats plus, in Century Square.  I could check out the newly refurbished mall after my beauty session.  How nice is that!

I am totally in love with the feminine concept here.  Just look at that pink brick wall with that ‘Hello Gorgeous’ sign.  Just so instagrammable!

The new outlet also features the same massage chairs in the same colours as per their other outlets, which means I can get a nice back massage while my nails can get the most wonderful pampering treat.

You can choose the type of manicure and pedicure you want using the different type of products that are available in the outlet.

If you run out of ideas on what to do for your nail art design, you can take a cue from some of the examples done by the manicurists here.

If you decide to do gellish manicure and pedicure, you are actually getting a lot of value for your money as the gellish nail polishes are made in Japan and the quality is much better than other hellish nail polishes.

I went for the spa manicure and pedicure and the products used were from OPI pro spa range, which was the premium range.

My previous gellish nail polish were removed using a machine and this was my first time trying it.  This machine is so amazing cos it makes it easier to soak off the gellish nail polish.

When one of the manicurists worked on my nails, the other worked on my toes.

OPI pro spa range foot mask was applied to my two legs.

Afterwhich, my two legs were ‘steamed’ to enable the foot mask to work its magic.

As I wanted gellish manicure, the manicurist worked on my nails first doing doing the spa manicure treatment for me.

I went for a very cute nail art design and the manicurist was very experienced in doing it.  Continue reading my blog post to see the final nail art design ok?

Meanwhile, the other manicurist applied moisturiser from the OPI pro spa range on my feet.

After my manicure was done, the manicurist proceeded to scrub my two hands with OPI pro spa range.

It was the same procedure for my hands as per my feet, using OPI pro spa range.

These were the products from OPI pro spa range which were used on me.

Take a look at my nails!  So cute!  This was my first time doing gellish manicure with such an adorable design!

After the gellish manicure, I proceeded to do my eyelash extension.  I opted for the 6D eyelash extension, with longer lashes at the outer corners of my eyes.

Just take a look at how my eyes were transformed with eyelash extension.  It is so convenient that I don’t need to put any eye makeup and my eyes would look like I have makeup on.

Anyways, I am so loving the services provided by Nailz Treats plus, in Century Square.  Strongly recommended everyone to visit this outlet located at #03-18.  Nailz Treats plus provides a comprehensive range of beauty and grooming services from nails, eyebrow embroidery, eyelash extension, makeup and waxing (full body).