My Parents’ 40th Year Wedding Anniversary Celebration

The whole family celebrated our parents 40th year wedding anniversary at Tunglok Teahouse located at 9 Amoy Street on 1 June 2015.

I asked my dear sister where I should park the car at and she mentioned Capital Square.  Hence I parked the car at the Capital Square and tried to figure out where exactly the restaurant is.  But before we do that, we took a wefie in the lift.

Rayes, Me and Kaiser (in clockwise direction)

As I was not exactly sure where the restaurant was located, I decided to use my GPS on my iPhone to find the place.  We actually walked all the way to Amoy Street which was a good distance away from Capital Square.  My darling Kaiser started complaining as he was getting hungry.

He even jokingly said, “mummy, now we don’t even know where we parked our car.”  That was when I decided to call my sister and asked her where they were.  She asked us to wait for her outside Citibank and we backtracked to where we first started.

The boys were so fascinated by the lion statue inside Citibank that they kept looking at it.

Finally my sister came and brought us to the restaurant and I realised it is so near Capital Square.  Silly me… sigh.

The moment I stepped in, I fell in love with the decoration and the nostalgic feel of the atmosphere.  This is a Teochew restaurant and I think it is just so perfect for my parents to celebrate their wedding anniversary since both are Teochews!

A picture of my ever supportive Dad and Mum.  Dad kept asking if he should wear his glasses or not.  He is worried that he will look old with his glasses on.

Just look at the amazing decorations on the wall!  They worked well together to create the correct ambience for the diners.

I was impressed with the careful choices of furnishing and cutlery to complement the environment.

We got a very cozy corner to enjoy our sumptuous dinner… Thanks Tung Lok Teahouse for the arrangement!

The boys were extremely happy that day as they looked forward to the wonderful dinner… both of them were extremely hungry as we were lost earlier on.

The first dish of the night… Crispy Char Siew Buns!  Everyone snapped this up within a minute.  The exterior of the bun was warm and crispy but the interior was oozing with the char siew sauce and meat.  It tasted so heavenly and just melted in my mouth.

Next up was this 猪肠粉.  Again, don’t be deceived by its simple appearance.  When you take a bite, you will realised that it is crispy inside with prawn meat.  The sauce went so well together with the food.  OMG… the kids loved this so much… Just like I did.

How could we forget about the 虾饺? A must when we have 点心。The skin was thin and the kitchen was so generous with the prawns, that we didn’t have any regrets ordering this.

ok, the above were all our appetisers.  Next up were our main dishes.  Presenting to everyone…

Beneath the many slices of soft succulent tofu and mushrooms, lie a bed of healthy green spinach.  This is a must order for anyone who is planning to go to Tung Lok Teahouse.  My two boys loved this dish so much.

We ordered this chicken and sea cucumber in claypot but got the kitchen to make it non spicy so that the two boys could eat.  This dish was amazing. I loved the huge soft sea cucumber that absorbed the sauce in the process of cooking.

How can we ever forget the yam ring that every Teochew is proud of?  Yummy crispy yam with heals of other ingredient to complement the taste!

Gosh… looking at this duck dish made me hungry!  Just look at the glistering skin with the duck fat.  Can I call for delivery now?

After eating so many dishes, we decided to take a break before deciding on the dessert.

A selfie in the toilet… lolx.  Even the toilet has the same look and feel as the restaurant.

Just take a look at the amazing menu… It will make anyone hungry anytime!  

ok, we decided on these two desserts.  I am a big fan of dessert but the food was a lot that night hence I couldn’t take much of the desserts anymore.  But just look at the cute presentation of the Orh-ni in a small pumpkin… who can resist it?

We ended the day with our family shoot… a little bit blur though.

Anyways, Happy 40th year Wedding Anniversary to Dad and Mum from Elaine, Candie and Alvin!