Tea with Girlfriends on 7 Sept 2010

Met up with my girlfriends from SIA after….gosh…8 years!  Presenting to you… Serene and Christie and now we have a new additional baby Samuel, Christie’s baby boy!
We met in Paragon to have tea.  Yes, it was very relaxing to just sit and chit chat to catch up after so long.  My gfs all looked so pretty after so many years.
We talked about motherhood, our days in SIA Training Centre and our common girlfriends whom we got to know in SIA, etc.
Serene is still flying with SIA.  She’s still so pretty despite the hectic flying schedule.
I remembered she had long hair when we were doing training in SIA Training Centre.
Christie is now a mother of one.  Wow… time flies! 
Her baby boy is so cute!  His eyes are as round as Mummy Christie!
I’m praying that my bean bean will have big round eyes like Samuel!
Serene was very kind to give us doggy lollipops for our dogs!